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This site was modeled after Dawn Hogue's CyberEnglish and has morphed over the years. Thank you Dawn! Unless stated, all other work was created by Jessica Brogley. I will give credit to those that have helped me and will often give email links. Feel free to link to these pages. The assignments/units are here for your use too, but please do not simply copy and paste and please, please give credit on your site.

Why I Post to the Internet:

Yes, I suppose my hard work could be plagiarized and I know I'm not going to get any wonderful recognition. I suppose I'll never get rich off this. So why would I want to post all of this on the web?

As I've grown as a teacher, I have had a lot of help along the way. Some from college, but most of it was at Seymour High School from people like Jane Eberly or Margrit Barber. During my first year of teaching I signed up for the NCTE listserve, which is not the Interversity listserv - I'm so glad I did because I have hundreds of teachers at my fingertips.

If someone copies my work ... oh well. It's on their conscience, I hope. The benefits of posting everything means a lot more to me than someone stealing my work. I believe in using the internet in my class. I believe in collaborative learning among teachers. When I was a new teacher I would often look at teacher websites for inspiration and ideas -- anything to get me through those first few years. In those early years I was happy to make it through the day!

So, I put my work here because I want to share. I want to help students. I want to be a good teacher. If somone chooses to take my work and call it their own, so be it. I'm not going to change how I operate. Now, don't take this the wrong way -- I'm not writing this to give permission for people to plagiarize. I'm just writing how I feel because once in awhile someone will ask me why I put all my work on the web and I explain to them that it is more important to me to do this than to protect my work.

For me, putting my work on the web makes my life easier and my writing more meaningful. I don't have to take lesson plans home because I can see them on the web at home. Since I can see my work and know that others can too, I take more pride in seeing that I'm doing a good job. I'm more expressive and my work becomes more of a reflection of me.

Publishing on the web has made me rethink how I teach. Just yesterday I was having students select works of literature from the web and post their selections on a message board. It was a challenge to explain to them, but it felt really good to watch them be able to do it. They were multi-tasking and making their own choices. It was interesting to watch their mind go through the process of selection and collaboration.

Being able to do this makes me realize even more so that I can help students be ready for a technological world; furthermore, I've realized that they find more meaning in writing and reading when it is taught this way. This is a wonderful journey.

This gets back to why I share my work. I'd like other teachers, especially English teachers to hop on this journey with me. It's a great time.

:) Jessica Brogley

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