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Moodle Moodle houses all my content for the course. I'm also able to have students do online activites such as a discussion board, wiki, or peer edit.
Voicethread I used this w/The Great Gatsby. I took a few pictures of what represented wealth and the American Dream. I then asked students to discuss where they see themselves 5 years from now. I think I might make another one asking them to discuss how the American Dream has changed. This type of tool will be very useful in my speech class.
Podcasting on Gcast I'm having my seniors do at least one podcast on Gcast.
I'm going to have students write Transcendentalistic paragraphs. They can then turn them into pretty cool Wordles. Fun Technology Tool: When you have a moment, give Wordle a try! Wordle takes text and rearranges it into art.
This is a wordle of my "about me" page on my blog. Wouldn't it be interesting if students created visual poetry this way?
Quia I stash all my objective quizzes and tests here. I also have my online games here. The games are awesome. I have access to tons of pre-made materials that I can use.
Wikispaces I'm new to this one. It did challenge their notion of group work as I created 3 wikis spread out between 75 students. There were spatterings from each class in each wiki. Students were collaborating with people they don't know. It was interesting, but challenging to monitor and grade.
Playlist Playlist allowed me to create a music playlist appropriate for whatever unit I was teaching. I couldn't rip them from the site or burn a CD, but having a quick playlist from anywhere I had web access is nice. Just this week I created a playlist of music from the Roaring 20's and embedded it into Ning, our social network for the novel The Great Gatsby.
Ning Ning can be used in so many ways. This year I'm using it to great a virtual world from a novel. I assigned everyone in the class an identity from the novel or someone in real life back then. We then go to our Ning room to discuss the novel or what's going on at the time. Right now, they're enjoying it a lot.
Online Dictionary

Handy and comes with an audio compenent.

Dictionary Thesaurus

Other CyberEnglish Teachers That I Admire:
Dawn Hogue, Sheboygan Falls, WI
Pat Schulze, Yankton, SD
Ted Nellen, New York, NY

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