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I've been wanting to learn more about CyberEnglish and the Constructivist philosophy since I've started my Master's Degree through Lesley University. I have truly taken a liking to technology in the English classroom. I see so much potential for students, not only in my classroom, but to also use gained skills in the real world. The major difference between CyberEnglish and a traditional classroom is the high level of technology integration and the various learning opportunities it offers. Student achievement and motivation is drastically increased thanks to Cyber English. Publishing student work to the world creates a huge audience and the writing is read by lots of other people, not just me! Although I have been seeking ways to implement technology into my classroom, I can honestly say that this isn't one of my own ideas.

I have been fortunate enough to be a participant in the NCTE, now Interversity Listserve for 5 years now. There I find a wealth of information from a variety of teachers all over the nation. Ted Nellen, Dawn Hogue, and Pat Schulze (and MANY others!) have been my inspiration for this task over the past few months. You'll notice that I will link to them frequently. Below you'll find articles that Ted has written about the benefit or use of webfolios; furthermore, you'll find other webfolios that have been created throughout the United States. I know that Seymour's little webfolio home on the web isn't quite what Ted, Dawn, and Pat have created, but it's a start. Hopefully, if we can keep working hard and obtain better software, we too can have a true cyberenglish classroom!

These are other articles or web sites that teacher's have created on the same topic:

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