It’s More than Just a Pot 1

At first glance you might say this is a pot not even fit for a garage sale. It is missing its handle, it’s full of scrapes and dents, and it’s not even flat on the bottom. Clearly it’s seen better days. There’s more to this story though. This pot is not just any pot. My […]


The Maker Movement….WOW. [DRAFT POST]

The Maker Movement blows my mind. ‘Nuff said. Check out this Edutopia video for a vision of what the Maker Movement can do for kids…or is it what kids can do for the Maker Movement?     Whoa. Right? I can’t even wrap my mind around what this movement can do. Here’s the deal though […]

Looking Back…Ed Media Apps

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Social Media, Perception, and Becoming a Teacher

As much as I love seeing students connect with other teachers via social media, I’m always a little hesitant because I know I’m going to see questionable use. It’s tough. I’d like to believe that teachers get a life outside of school, but our profession is held to a different standard. That life outside of […]

Participate in the #MWGS Conference From Afar!

The Midwest Google Summit is the premier event for Google workshops. This year the conference sold out in five hours! Many people that wanted to attend, could not. Despite that bad news, teachers all over the globe will still be able to participate thanks to Twitter and Google+. On Monday and/or Tuesday, visit twitter and […]

SAMR and Voicethread

The SAMR model provides teachers a useful tool to guide technology integration in the classroom. The tool Voicethread can easily be applied to the SAMR model. I find this process to be inspiring because as I climb the model, my energy and inspiration brews with transformative ideas. Below you’ll find how I’ve applied the SAMR […]

Voki Test Runs

Last week we resurrected an old, but still great web 2.0 tool called Voki. This tool allows the user to type or record audio and set that audio to an avatar. When finished, the voki can be shared as code for a blog, a link for email or social media, or just saved to individual voki accounts. […]


Thoughts on Standards-Based Grading

At the end of July I attended a workshop hosted by CESA 3 on standards-based grading. The guest speaker was none other than Rick Wormeli. I have watched videos and partially read some of his books thanks to my husband, but I never felt able or convinced to make a move towards standards-based grading. It’s […]

A Quick SAMR Review

SAMR is a great model to guide teachers to design and integrate technology in ways that create experiences in higher order thinking. I see it as a lens! Substitution — Direct tool substitute. Ex: I could have students type an essay instead of writing it. Augmentation — Technology is still a direct tool substitute, but […]

When I’m on a Roll…

When I read a new book, learn a new skill or piece of history, my mind starts rolling. I can’t wait to lesson plan. I start thinking higher order thinking skills right away. When I first started teaching, I just ran with my ideas. For the most part, they were good, but I often forgot […]