A Nice Reference

I stumbled on a valuable resource today — The Glossary of Education Reform. The past four years have brought about a wave of educational reform that has rocked the profession. I remember thinking back around 2010, “Wow, I can’t wait for this to die down,” but then as time went on, I remember thinking, “How […]



Atomic Learning — Check it Out 2

Atomic Learning is a useful tool paid for by UW-Platteville. It hosts a myriad of training videos on hundreds of topics. Let’s face it — you can’t learn everything weeks before you need it, right? Some times you have to learn on the fly or “just in time” as folks say now. Atomic Learning can […]

My Latest PLN Favorite: Voxer 1

This fall brings a whole new set of challenges. One of which is to immerse myself once again waist-deep into my various personal learning networks. While I was teaching Communications, I really slowed down my level of participation. In the meantime, it seems we’ve had an explosion of social media options for professional development. Each […]



A New Adventure 2

Today marked day #2 of being “on the job” at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. Today was Orientation Day for new employees. During this time I learned about all of the services that folks can access on campus. I knew that UWP offered a lot for students, but I didn’t realize that there were […]

Every Day is New…Seriously!

In January we adopted a new dog from the humane society in Dubuque. Ally was an intake from Kentucky with a mostly unknown past. She was a very young dog who had recently stopped nursing puppies. It was also obvious that she had been mistreated as she showed several signs of fear and submission. With a […]



SAMR Model

  The SAMR (Sam-err) model is an excellent model for teachers to reference when designing lessons. Teachers can evaluate how they are integrating technology in a way that guides them towards wise decision-making. The SAMR model focuses on transforming learning, not integrating the tools. In edtech classes you’ll be flooded with oodles of gadgets and digital resources, […]

How Times Have Changed

This week I took my children on their usual trip to the library. The kids enjoy walking up and down the isles like most children do. Jenna stopped abruptly and asked, “Mom, what are these?!” I turned my head to find a small series of World Book Encyclopedias. The look on her face was priceless […]



Reflection: Making the Grades (Ken O’Connor)

As part of a recent CESA workshop, I’m reading a few articles on Standards Based Grading. As expected, I’m drawn towards the work of Ken O’Connor and Rick Wormeli. In this post I’m sharing a quick read by Ken O’Connor.     O’Connor’s article is a great first article to read. He lays out several […]

Expectations of Effective Homework

This is a reflection after having read “What is Effective Homework?” by Cathy Vatterott. Vatterott presents some ideas that contradict years of homework practice. “Homework that cannot be done without help is not good homework and is demotivating to students (Vatterott, 2007). In fact, when students feel unsuccessful approaching homework tasks, they often avoid the […]

Making Civics Real

As my daughter enters 4th grade this year, I’m becoming more aware of my educational responsibilities as a parent. I have the ability to take her on many adventures and expose her to historical standards in ways the public school system can not. While I’m no history buff, I do find inquiries about history and […]