Common Formative Assessments

What do you know about Common Formative Assessments? Developing Common Formative Assessments opens the door for rich dialogues within grade levels or classes. I wish I would have had this opportunity when I was teaching in the high school. We often did compare sections, but the focus was more on students’ behavior than on assessment data. Honestly, […]


Don’t Forget, Technology is the Vehicle.

As you wrap your arms around what it means to “Go Google,” consider what it means to integrate technology. Many doors are opened! You have quick access to GAFE, so leverage it to devise learning activities that increase engagement. Our kids love to collaborate, communicate, and share. Think big and shoot for the moon!    Lastly, […]

Reflections From “Teach Like a Pirate”

This spring I attended NAPDS in Washington DC. where I was fortunate enough to hear Dave Burgess speak. I’ve heard of him through Twitter and some of the teachers and administrators in my PLN talk about his work. Seeing him in person is much better than reading tweets!   I’ve always considered myself a rather […]



Traditional Communication Still Matters

This week I spoke to a group of students in business communication on the importance of focusing on social media communication. I relayed information on the various tools, why they’re important, and how a person could manage so many outposts. Really, it was multiple weeks of material condensed into an hour talk. Anyway, when I […]

Coding and Web Design — Transferrable Skills

A few weeks ago my students started the Blogging Challenge, a series of blog posts challenging their technology skills and understandings about education today. I realized the group this semester is particularly savvy with technology on the day we created our blogs. Within just a few minutes they had their blogs created and were off […]

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Exploring Documents and Using Google Maps 2

  Today I picked up a book from my late mother-in-law’s history collection titled The Faces of Grant County. Basically, it is a collection of photographs and accounts of life in Grant County dating back to the mid 1800s. It’s a gem of a text! My 7-year-old son took to the book right away asking […]

Getting Started in Google Drive

If you’re new to Google Drive, getting started can be awkward. You really have to stick with it on a nearly daily basis. Once you start making the Google Apps journey, you’ll quickly discover that there is a lot to learn. The faster you can pick it up, the better you’ll be able to plan […]

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Why Use Google Apps?

Google Apps. Oh, Google Apps. What an amazing tool! Google Apps has, in part, revolutionized the way students learn. As I engage with the tool every day, I see several reasons why Google Apps has become indispensable. Google Drive items save every two seconds. If you’ve been teaching even more than five years, you’ve probably seen […]

Quick Google Tip: Add Websites to “All Apps”

Once in a while I’ll meet a teacher that wants website to show up as apps in Chrome, but there isn’t an app in the webstore. There are several ways to remedy this problem. My preference would be to just bookmark it, but as with all Google tools, there’s more than one way to float […]

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Chrome Remembers Where You Left Off

I love Chrome, just love it! One of the many features I adore is the fact that Chrome remembers where I left off. It’s common for me to have eight to ten tabs open by the end of the day. Those tabs often become my todo list for the next day. Thankfully, when I close […]