New Favorite App: Podcast Addict

With my new job change, comes the opportunity to walk to work. It’s a short walk; ten minutes. I started my walk today listening to Youtube videos on my S4, but that wasn’t quite what I had in mind. When I reached the office, I started searching for a podcast app on my phone. I […]



What Attending #GTAATL Meant to Me

This late spring I applied to attend the Google Teacher Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. I honestly wasn’t going to do it because the semester was ending in a stressful mess. Two friends, Kurt Wismer and Katie Grassel (fellow GTA grads), reminded me to apply. I applied because, well, I wanted to attend, but also because […]

Google for Education (1)

A Milestone: A Google Teacher Academy 1

I have always been driven to push myself to continue professional development, especially when it comes to educational technology. Lucky for me, I’ve kept a great network of people to inspire and challenge me. Two good friends, Katie Grassel and Kurt Wismer, have been incredibly inspirational to me. Both have led the charge in their […]

Great Apps for Studying Sign Language

Many of my days are spent to my devices, and I also support teachers in their own app and mobile device adventures. I find that while learning with a mobile device does not replace a real, live teacher, it does offer me a way to self-direct my own learning. There are many iOS and Android […]

Google Apps Create Online Experiences That Allow for Collaboration

Many years ago it was a fair statement to say that students in an online class wouldn’t collaborate in the same way face to face students would. Those days have certainly changed. Of course, with the invent of blogging and content management systems, students were able to engage in somewhat synchronous activity. Those tools provided an excellent […]

Sensory Details in Descriptive Writing

I think back to when I taught the good ole’ Personal Narrative. I wonder how many of them I’ve read. Probably over 500. The skill of describing is so important regardless of the career. Looking back, I wish I would have spent even more time on the unit. Every day we take in sensory imagery. […]



A New Addition

I grew up with oodles of animals, so it just seems par for the course that I’d want that for my kids. It was good for me. I learned compassion and hard work. I chum with other folks that feel the same way, so I’m often surrounded with all these crazy ideas. This past spring […]

Can Craigslist be a Teaching Tool? YES.

It’s always a good feeling when students are able to easily critique bad writing, especially online. Folks say that these young whipper snappers can’t write or read a darn thing because of all these computer gadgets they’re playin’ with. To some degree I agree, but I know they can cut through the digital mess with […]



Finally! I did it.

My good friend Katie Grassel became a Google Certified Trainer well over a year ago now. Maybe it’s been two years. I don’t know. I was immediately envious at her knowledge and commitment. In my defense, I had started a new job and was getting settled at home. There was no way I was keeping […]