Chrome Apps and Extensions for Students With Special Needs

Recently I was asked to talk about Chrome Apps and Extensions for students with special needs, so I’m leaving my ideas here. I do want to say though that these tools are good for any learner. 1. Read Write. What an amazing tool. The free version offers text to speech which, in my opinion, is […]

Read & Write for Chrome

Read and Write for Chrome offers annotating built right into Chrome. What an awesome tool! It’s a tool bar that installs in your Chrome browser so you can annotate or utilize speech to text. The free version does NOT offer the ramped up features you are going to want. For example, you will not get […]

My Latest Green Screen Adventure

About two months ago we moved into a new home. The basement is large, but missing my do-it-yourself green screen I created in the old basement. The basement has unfinished drywall, but I still didn’t want to paint the walls lime green just quite yet. I was in Hobby Lobby this weekend (giant craft store) […]

Team Drives

Early Adopter Review: Team Drives

Back in November, Google offered our district the chance to try “Team Drives.” I promptly applied and was granted access shortly thereafter. So far, it’s been a pleasant experience. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes! For early adopters, Team Drive is a link under My Drive. The idea is simple — You can […]

Notes from Differentiation in Middle & High School by Doubet and Hockett

There are lots of books on differentiation, but I rarely uncover enough that really offer strategies that a teacher could try that week. The Doubet and Hockett text proves to be an exception. Here are my ramblings from what I’ve read (note: these are not all encompassing, but rather a snip it of reflections.). I’m […]

Common Formative Assessments

What do you know about Common Formative Assessments? Developing Common Formative Assessments opens the door for rich dialogues within grade levels or classes. I wish I would have had this opportunity when I was teaching in the high school. We often did compare sections, but the focus was more on students’ behavior than on assessment data. Honestly, […]

Don’t Forget, Technology is the Vehicle.

As you wrap your arms around what it means to “Go Google,” consider what it means to integrate technology. Many doors are opened! You have quick access to GAFE, so leverage it to devise learning activities that increase engagement. Our kids love to collaborate, communicate, and share. Think big and shoot for the moon!    Lastly, […]

Reflections From “Teach Like a Pirate”

This spring I attended NAPDS in Washington DC. where I was fortunate enough to hear Dave Burgess speak. I’ve heard of him through Twitter and some of the teachers and administrators in my PLN talk about his work. Seeing him in person is much better than reading tweets!   I’ve always considered myself a rather […]

Traditional Communication Still Matters

This week I spoke to a group of students in business communication on the importance of focusing on social media communication. I relayed information on the various tools, why they’re important, and how a person could manage so many outposts. Really, it was multiple weeks of material condensed into an hour talk. Anyway, when I […]

Coding and Web Design — Transferrable Skills

A few weeks ago my students started the Blogging Challenge, a series of blog posts challenging their technology skills and understandings about education today. I realized the group this semester is particularly savvy with technology on the day we created our blogs. Within just a few minutes they had their blogs created and were off […]