Reflecting on Text Structure #WCSS15

Dr. Karen Ruffner presented at WCSS on the importance of teaching students to analyze text structure. Although I missed her presentation, I was able to obtain her materials, and engage in conversation with her via email. Little did I know, she use to teach for UW-Platteville, so we have something in common. Students need to […]

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Some WEMTA Favs…and I Didn’t Even Go!

I don’t know why I didn’t go to WEMTA. I guess I blew all my money in the fall on all the other conferences. By March, I knew I’d be broke. So true, but I could tell about a week before WEMTA that I had made a really big mistake. Lots of my teacher-friends across […]

Professional Development Opportunities #WCSS15

After I attended the Wisconsin Council of Social Studies Conference, I became aware of the vast number of professional development opportunities for educators in Wisconsin. I had no idea there were so many affordable opportunities. The following list came from the “Summer Professional Development and Travel Opportunities” presentation, fliers provided from the WCSS group, and […]

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Reflecting on Google Maps #WCSS15

This March I had the privilege of presenting at the Wisconsin Council of Social Studies conference in Madison, WI. This conference is new to me since I haven’t really taught Social Studies as a class before. What a gem of a conference! I decided to share something I enjoy — Google Map tools. After becoming Google […]

Tools for Digital Storytelling

There are plenty of free tools to assist you with digital storytelling. This is is by no means all-encompassing. Print Resource: Porter, B. (2004). DigiTales : The art of telling digital stories. Sedalia, Colo.: Bernajean Porter. Porter’s Website: Voicethread: Voicethread is my favorite tool for digital storytelling because it’s so flexible. Voicethread allows for video or […]


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Working With the Community

This spring the pre-service teachers in my integrated methods: Language Arts and Social Studies were given an opportunity to work with children in the community. This was an unexpected opportunity, thanks to Dr. Lindsay Hollingsworth who invited my class into the collaborative effort. Family Connections is an organization in Platteville that provides opportunities for parents […]

Are You in?!

Connected educators are comfortable collaborating in person in team or subject groups; they are equally as good at connecting online. Whether it be Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, or Facebook, teachers are connecting via social media every day. Reaching out to fellow educators is just part of normal professional development and classroom connections.   It’s time to join […]

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Google+ & Twitter

New to developing a PLN? Decisions, Decisions…

After you read the first half of Sheninger’s book, no doubt you’ll realize that being connected is essential for educators today. Part of your growth as an educator will require that you set aside time to develop your PLN; Lucky for you, there are multiple options available. Some of my best ideas and connections came from people […]

Searching for Apps. Why?!

Even though you might not have your very own iPad, it is still really important to research potential apps down the road. There are hundreds of thousands of apps in iTunes; I’m guessing you’ll find a few for your classroom. Searching for apps can actually be really overwhelming. My tip is simple. Google something like […]



It’s More than Just a Pot 1

At first glance you might say this is a pot not even fit for a garage sale. It is missing its handle, it’s full of scrapes and dents, and it’s not even flat on the bottom. Clearly it’s seen better days. There’s more to this story though. This pot is not just any pot. My […]