Thoughts on Standards-Based Grading

At the end of July I attended a workshop hosted by CESA 3 on standards-based grading. The guest speaker was none other than Rick Wormeli. I have watched videos and partially read some of his books thanks to my husband, but I never felt able or convinced to make a move towards standards-based grading. It’s […]


A Quick SAMR Review

SAMR is a great model to guide teachers to design and integrate technology in ways that create experiences in higher order thinking. I see it as a lens! Substitution — Direct tool substitute. Ex: I could have students type an essay instead of writing it. Augmentation — Technology is still a direct tool substitute, but […]

When I’m on a Roll…

When I read a new book, learn a new skill or piece of history, my mind starts rolling. I can’t wait to lesson plan. I start thinking higher order thinking skills right away. When I first started teaching, I just ran with my ideas. For the most part, they were good, but I often forgot […]

PBIS — What You Need to Know

If you’re planning to teach in Wisconsin, there is a good chance you’ll get to know PBIS. As part of this class, we’ll be creating PBIS “Cool Tool” videos for Platteville Middle School. Before that really gets rolling, you need to understand PBIS. A video module on PBIS can be found here. What does PBIS […]

How Times Have Changed. Web 2.0 + SAMR + TPACK = Wise Planning

I love seeing advertisement like this. Awesome stuff, right? Times have changed just a wee bit. This commercial came out in 1991. I promise you the internet I met in 1995 was much slower than Prodigy demonstrated! I really haven’t been teaching THAT long, but I do remember teaching without constant contact with the internet. […]


Links to Curate ;-)

Once you get into social bookmarking, you’ll see that it’s easy enough to find stuff to catch. Just to get you started, here’s a few random things:   Books on Your “Must Read” List Eric Sheninger’s “Digital Leadership” Jukes’ “Understanding the Digital Generation” Dweck “Growth Mindset” ED Leadership Journal on Tech Integration   Learning Theory Resources […]

Amazing Educators on Twitter

It’s almost impossible to come up with one list. I keep adding new awesome finds, so this list isn’t all inclusive, but it’s a good start. Another way to find people to follow is to search an educational hashtag that interests you. Once you start reading those tweets, you’ll see all sorts of people to […]



A Nice Reference

I stumbled on a valuable resource today — The Glossary of Education Reform. The past four years have brought about a wave of educational reform that has rocked the profession. I remember thinking back around 2010, “Wow, I can’t wait for this to die down,” but then as time went on, I remember thinking, “How […]

Atomic Learning — Check it Out 2

Atomic Learning is a useful tool paid for by UW-Platteville. It hosts a myriad of training videos on hundreds of topics. Let’s face it — you can’t learn everything weeks before you need it, right? Some times you have to learn on the fly or “just in time” as folks say now. Atomic Learning can […]



My Latest PLN Favorite: Voxer 1

This fall brings a whole new set of challenges. One of which is to immerse myself once again waist-deep into my various personal learning networks. While I was teaching Communications, I really slowed down my level of participation. In the meantime, it seems we’ve had an explosion of social media options for professional development. Each […]