Gliffy Diagram

I was just reviewing how the TPACK model fits in with Google training, and I thought it would be important to take some notes on that matter. I launched a blank document and started writing. I was quickly thwarted when it came to draw TPACK. Sure, I could have turned to a Google search, but […]



Guest Post: Chris Aviles

Last summer I was fortunate to be selected for a Google Teacher Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the most innovative educators were selected by members of the GAFE team to participate in a two-day training at Atlanta’s Google Headquarters. I was one of the fortunate to be chosen. The whole experience was surreal, but probably […]

Omnibox Searches Drive Too

I am lovin’ the Omnibox in Chrome this morning. Not only can it execute unique searches, you can use it to search Google Drive. This morning I needed to access a syllabus for my course “Ed Media Apps.” I opened a new tab in Chrome and started typing the first few letters. Whaaallaaah!!! Chrome searches […]



Android Apps for Early Elementary Aged Students

Everyone hoots and hollers over iPad apps, but I have to say that I love my Android apps just as much. My Nexus tablet allows me to create users for my tablets — that’s something an iPad doesn’t do. Here’s my list of Android Apps that I’ve enjoyed watching young children use: Monkey Math: This […]

When it Doesn’t go as Planned

You know it’s going to happen. Even the most well-planned lesson just might not unfold how you had hoped. It happens to veteran teachers too. There are all sorts of reasons it happens when we do not… gather enough material for students to practice skills organize groups in a fashion most conducive to learning consider […]



Chrome Extensions Every Teacher Can Use

Chrome is a powerful browser that does more than let you surf the web. Apps and Extensions can increase your productivity and allow for a more fluid, networked experience on the web. First, let’s discuss the difference between apps and extensions. Apps are basically bookmarks to things you use. For example, I’m an Evernote user. […]

Sample Artifacts: Google Drive

When my students first start learning about Google Drive, they are required to make artifacts demonstrating their understanding and ability to apply the suite. That’s a smidge more challenging than it sounds because 1.) the students don’t get a lot of time to learn, 2.) the students don’t have classrooms or a lot of teaching […]

Yes, PLEASE Use Your Phone! I’ve Got This. :-)

This semester my students had to record, edit, and publish a video promoting positive choices for our local middle school. That assignment was complicated as student had to record in teams, but edit and publish individually. The team could use any recording device they wanted, but they had to figure out how to export the […]


Review of Odd Wisconsin: Amusing, Perplexing, and Unlikely Stories from Wisconsin’s Past

I wanted another Wisconsin Historical Society Press book suggestion, so I contacted Kurt Griesemer, the School Services Director, for the Wisconsin Historical Museum. Kurt suggested I take a look at Odd Wisconsin: Amusing, Perplexing, and Unlikely Stories from Wisconsin’s Past. I love the art of storytelling and this text does a great job weaving history and […]