The Great Gatsby

A study guide: I do not require the study guide to be completed, but rather if they do it, they can use it on the test. It's one more bone I toss out there to get them to read and write.

Tip: This book gets confusing because the characters are intertwined. It's a really good read if you work hard to sell it right away. Here's a huge tip - find suit jackets and dresses. Assign roughly 15 kids a name from the novel with particular poses. Take those photographs and tape them down to a map of the city, the valley of ashes, and both eggs. The kids can label the map as they go, but they really get a kick of out being married to someone in class, secretly dating someone else, etc. It certainly perks their attention.

If they forget their book at school (or home) they can always read it here. Almost every night I returned back to this site to refresh my memory.

Another fun selling point is take student photos, just the heads and paste them on various paper doll heads from the era. You can simply just display them in your classroom. One year I had a clever bunch of juniors that took photos of their create doll projects and looped them together as if they were doing the charleston.

Model T's in the Fox Valley

Prohibition in the Fox Valley




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