December 9, 2003

Dear Parent(s) and/or guardians:


I am writing in regards to a movie that will be shown in my English 11 classes. You probably have heard of it, as it has won an Academy Award and has been on Television several times since then. As a conclusion to our Vietnam unit, students will be watching Oliver Stoneís "Platoon." For the past three weeks we have been reading Walter Dean Myerís book Fallen Angels which tells the story of one manís journey in Vietnam. Stoneís movie "Platoon" will give the students a visual picture of what the conflict was like.

If you havenít seen the movie, you should know that there is foul language, violence, and adult situations. I suppose I could make a blanket statement by saying that this movie does a brutal, but honest job depicting the reality of the war.

If you do not approve of your son or daughter seeing this movie, I honestly respect your decision. Instead of watching the movie, I will have an optional assignment for them to do while the class is watching the movie.

I truly feel that this movie is beneficial for students to see and discuss. There is something to be said about being able to relate readings to film and to be able to distinguish Hollywood from reality.

Please sign below as to whether or not you permit your son or daughter to watch the movie "Platoon" in English 11.

Thank you,



Ms. LaQuee

920-833-2306 ext. 457






I permit / do NOT permit my son or daughter, ______________________________________________

(Circle one) (Your son or daughterís name)

to watch the movie "Platoon" in English 11.


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