Letter Back Home

Adapted from Jane Eberly
To be used after Chapter 11

Task: Your charge is to pretend to be a character from the book. You have to write a letter to someone back home. Your purpose is to include several elements from the book to demonstrate you understand what life what like and the era in general. Think about the book, use your dsj's, remember the movie "Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam." All of these resources prove your understanding and make your letter seem real.


Put your first name in the top, right-hand corner.

Sign and date your letter as your character's name.

Grading Rubric:

3 = excellent, met requirements 2 = met the requirements, but needed a little TLC yet
1 = deviated far from the expectation
Language & Jargon      
Describing Vietnam      
Describing the Army      
Describe Character Situation      
Life Back Home      
Conventions (spelling, grammar)      
Total: _________ / 18      

Bonus Points: HYPERTEXT IT! If you take your letter back home and make hyperlinks to other resources, you'll earn bonus points. For example, you could draw a map of a war scene in Microsoft Paint and link your letter to that. You could find things on the internet as well. It would be like your civil rights essay, only this part is all extra credit.

Optional 2nd Day Part -- We usually end up skipping this half due to time constraints. If you like, you can pair up with someone else from either class.

The Letter to Vietnam

This is a little more difficult because you have to fabricate some information as you write. In your letter back to the person in Vietnam, you should include the following:

Are these two websites helpful?

Despite the popup adds, this site links to many photographs.

I normally stay away from aol sites, but this one is merely just links to other sites.


Your letter can be creative, yet it should remain appropriate.

This is the first time I tried this, but it should be fun!


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