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Fallen Angels by
Walter Dean Myers

For the most part, these tasks are listed in the order I used them. I tried to write notes for each, but if you have more questions, you should email me. This past year (2006-07), I've found myself implementing more into Moodle, so all of these things aren't used each year.

Book Notes (Important points from each chapter)

Vocabulary Mapping
Anticipation Guide
Tracking Characters
Interview Questions (pdf)
Small Group Discussion Questions for ch.1 & 2 (pdf)
Life Magazine Project (pdf)
Nice Website to Use Here's a Study Guide to Accompany it (pdf)
Chapter 6 Activity
Nice Website to Use w/Chapter 6
Here are some questions to go with it!
Class Discussion (ch. 6-11)
Chapter 7&8 Partner Quiz (email me for that)
War on the Evening News from Writing Magazine (1997)
Straetegic Reading #3 (ch. 12-16)
Letter Back Home Activity
Literary Concept #3
Strategic Reading #4 (ch. 17-23) (opens in Word)
My Country, Right or Wrong (Discussion/Writing Extra Credit Assignment)
Why Vietnam Video Study Guide (video)
Compare/Contrast Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam & Why Vietnam?
Compare / Contrast Essay
Sounds of the War
Platoon the Movie
(120 min)
Platoon Permission Slip
- Actually I've been researching and will be using a different movie this year.
After Book Quick Questionnaire
Sequel to the Movie Writing Assignment



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