Tracking Characters:

Actively Reading to Understand

Part of your responsibility in this unit is to track 2 characters (1 major and 1 minor) in this play. You'll be doing this by creating a chart in Microsoft Word. Here are some directions. You can also view a smartboard tutorial on the F drive on how to do this.

Although you are not doing double sided journals, I still want you to do some type of active reading (aka Text Interaction). As you are reading, you should be writing some external notes down in the margins of your study guide or in a notebook. Be an active reader!

When everyone is done, I'm going to take all of these tables and put them together for all of us to use and learn from. This will come in handy when we are thinking about final essays.

How your table is graded:

Equal Work: In some cases, whoever is doing the typing is doing a lot more work than the other person. You should be helping your partner, not talking w/your friends. There is no way you deserve the same grade.

Quotes: You need to have several quotes w/page #'s that are memorable for some reason. You usually choose quotes that indicate character and their actions.

Details: You need to have several factual details from all 4 categories. Pull information directly from the play, not from what you infer, think, or suppose.

Conventions: Please take the time to do spell check and read for clarity!

Time Use: If I give you time, and you aren't using it, you can't expect to earn a good grade. Use the time you're given to do a good job!

When you are all finished, please email me your chart.