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English 11 - The Crucible

Complete Study Guide


Remember: Study guides are your responsibility! Working on them moments before collection or copying answers is careless. Work with others, but use your own thoughts!


1. What does the room where Act I takes place look like?




2. What kind of man was Rev. Samuel Parris?




3. What kind of life did the Puritans have to face and how was this changing?




4. What kind of government did the people of Salem form to prevent disunity?




5. For what 3 reasons where the witch hunts used other than tracking down witches?




6. For what reasons would Tituba be suspected of being a witch?




7. Why was Thomas Putnam an embittered man?




8. Why does Mrs. Putnam believe she had been witched?




9. How does Abigail control the other girls?




10. What kind of man is John Proctor?


11. What would John Putnam have to gain by accusing Rebecca Nurse of being a witch?




12. Why has John Proctor stayed away from the church?


13. Describe Mr. Hale:




14. Why is Giles Cory described as a comical hero?




15. Why do the girls begin to accuse others of witchcraft at the end of the act?







1. What kind of setting is described in the beginning of Act II?




2. What would Elizabeth force her husband John into doing?




3. Why does John say, "You will judge me no more" and "Learn charity, woman" to Elizabeth?




4. How can Mary Warren control both Elizabeth and John Proctor?




5. Why does Reverand Hale come to visit?



6. What does Proctor admit to Rev. Hale about Abigail?



7. Why have Tituba, Sarah Good and others confessed to witchcraft?




8. How does Abigail manage to get Elizabeth Proctor arrested for witchcraft?




9. What does John Proctor mean when he says, "Vengeance is walking Salem"?




10. What is Proctor willing to do at the end of this act?




11. Why is Mary Warren unwilling to confess about Abigail?







1. Describe the courtroom:



2. What kind of man was Deputy Governor Danforth?



3. What are Parris' actions in this act?



4. What causes Giles Corey to be arrested?



5. What does Danforth mean when he says, "A person is either with this court or he must be counted against it."?




6. What was Mary Warren's deposition?



7. Why did Mary Warren see spirits and act like she did?




8. What does John Proctor publicly admit in this act?




9. Why does John Proctor say, "A man will not caste away his good name."?




10. Why doesn't Elizabeth reveal the truth about her husband?



11. How does Abigail show her power over the rest of the people in this act?



12. What happened to Mary Warren in the end?




13. What happened to Proctor at the end?




14. Why does Hale quit the court?







1. Describe the setting:



2. Why does Cheever believe Mr. Parris "has a made look these days"?




3. Why is Danforth so concerned/suspicious about Rev. Hale?




4. What has happened to Abigail and Parris' strongbox?




5. Why does Parris want to call off the hangings?




6. Why won't Danforth pardon the accused or postpone the hangings?




7. How does Hale describe the conditions of Salem?




8. Why does Hale beg Goody Proctor to persuade her husband to lie and confess?




9. Why can't Elizabeth grant forgiveness to John?




10. Why does John Proctor confess the witchcraft?



11. Why doesn't John want the confession to be posted on the church door?




12. Why can't John Proctor give away his name?



13. What is significant about Elizabeth Proctor's last lines?