Writing Assignment--To be used after Act II

Let’r Rip!

Pretend you’re a character from "The Crucible." You are, like most people, upset about what has happened. Frustration and uncertainty surround you everyday—the future looks bleak for some in Salem. You’re writing a letter to someone somewhere telling them what has happened. Perhaps you’re just venting, maybe you’re asking for help, possibly you’re looking for an escape! That’s up to you! Granted, there is no mailman, but you’re hoping to send your letter with the next traveler headed in the right direction. You can pretend to be one of the following characters:

When you pick a character, you are supposed to do the following: Even though Herrick was upset, he knew he had to do his job. He said, "I have nine men outside. You cannot keep her. The law binds me, John, I cannot budge" (77). He said this because he felt an obligation to do his job. Advice:
  • Plan out your ideas on THIS piece of paper. Make a list of stuff to tell and then make each thing on that list a paragraph perhaps.
  • Show emotion! Even though it wouldn’t really be acceptable for a Puritan to write a fiery scandalous letter about these happenings, let’s just say they did. Let’r rip! Write as if the characters were speaking right from your hand! Give them a voice! Embellish the story, if need be! Show your knowledge and have fun with it!