Ann Putnam discloses that Ruth and Tituba attempted to conjure up the dead.


Abby is dismissed from the employment of Goody Proctor.


Abby and John Proctor engage in a love affair.


Parris sends for Reverend Hale, an expert on evil spirits.


Betty Parris and Ruth Putnam become ill and are expected of consorting with the devil.


Abby and the girls dance in the forest.

Reverend Hale arrives to interrogate tituba and the other girls.


Abby threatens betty and the other girls if they disclose details of the rendezvous in the forest.


Betty begins convulsions when she hears the singing of the psalms.


Parris and Proctor argue about Proctor’s lack of attendance at church and parris’s concern over the parsonage mortgage.


John Proctor leaves abby no hope for any future romantic entanglement between them.