FIRST we'll read about the basics of speech...

This unit follows the first 5 chapters of Perfection Learning's 38 Basic Speech Experiences.

Students will be preparing a presentation on their selected chapter. They are required to complete a handout and an electronic visual.

Electronic Visual Can be:

  1. Something at You make an account and create your NEW STACK, which offers quizzes, hangman, crossword puzzles, etc.
  2. Flashcards!
  3. It's EASY, but you can't save your work.
  4. Youtube for examples (good or bad). If you find something you like, converts videos. Be sure your video actually ties in with the written material. People often find videos that don't follow the chapter all that well or it's not clear why they chose them.
  5. A power point
  6. Inspiration program on the laptops (the icon that's an orange star). You can make an outline this way or notes quite easily.
Grading Rubric (pdf)

Next, we'll prepare our own speech...

Pick a topic that interests you and can be interesting to your audience.

Drum up research. You must have something more than just the internet. Ask someone who knows about your topic and interview them for 5 minutes. They'll give you a ton of stuff you can use.

Organize your speech. The strongest ideas go in the middle and end. You need to have 3-5 main ideas. Those main ideas will be broken down into small things.

I HIGHLY suggest you make an outline using a software called Inspiration.

Here's an example outline (pdf) that will help you write yours.

Review Games Before the Exam...

Flashcards/Match Game
Battleship Speech
Who Wants to be a Millionaire
One more
Jeopardy (don't keep score..this one is helpful but picky!)





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