Our next unit is a writing unit. You're creating a personal narrative - a story that tells one little snip it of your life. We will peer edit these, unless you tell me it's not okay. EVERY year I've had students write about private stuff and that's okay - you don't have to share it with anyone but me. This event that you're writing about needs to be a small snip-it of your life.

Useless snip-its: Freshman year, Family trip to Florida, Band Trip to Madison
snip-its: Bad skiing accident, almost burning the house down, winning my first trophy, having a baby, getting bucked off my horse, etc.

You need to look at your life...what do you want to write about? You need to brainstorm topics in the next assignment. Listen to Kenny Chesney's song and/or watch the video - how many events from his past did he come up with? You're striving for this too.

Click on the GROUPWISE icon on your desktop and send me a list of ten things that have happened in your life that might be interesting to write about (good or bad events). WRITE WHATEVER YOU WANT - no one else can see this but ME, but you do need to expand slightly on your ideas so I know what you're talking about.

BAD example...sending something like this to me will NOT get you full credit...
GOOD example...actually better than good. Send 1/2 of something like this for full credit

broken arm
horseback riding
softball camp
door county
new house
summer job

1. Born...not telling when... ;)
2. Had my first horse at 6 years old.
3. Started horse showing at 8 years old.
4. Parents divorced when I was 10 or 11.
5. We ended up having to sell everything and move when I2.
6. Started high school and got really bad grades. Hated my home life.
7. Junior year: Met a nice guy in high school with a really good family that influenced me (his dad became my dad)
8. Graduated with okay grades and knew what I wanted to do.
9. Went to UW-Baraboo and lived with Ruth. It was a bad experience.
10. Transfered to UW-LaCrosse and LOVED it there.
11. Learned I loved squirrels!!! It was the fall of 1996...awww...
12. Transfered to Winona state so I could be a speech teacher.
13. Dumped that high school boyfriend of 5 years...majorly bad experience.
14. Left Winona and went back to Baraboo...Everything worked out, but this would mark the biggest mistake of my life.
14.5. The father of my ex-hs boyfriend was killed skiing. This marked the loss of my only positive father figure. And I never got to say good bye. sad
15. Eventually, after MUCH hardship I transfered to UW-Oshkosh to finish my schooling.
16. Started working at the Fox Valley Humane Association. This was the hardest job I've ever had (many tears shed).
17. Graduated from college FINALLY and started at SEYMOUR a week later!! smile
okay...I'm skipping a few years here...
18. Coached softball and loved it but I don't have a competitive spirit
19. Bought my first house all by myself
20. Bought my first horse Abby
21. Met the legendary Mr. Brogley and got married
22. Moved out in the country and got a huge reality shock
23. Had JENNA!!! The biggest moment in my life! -- This is where awesomeness truly occurs!
24. The reality of being a parent set in -- oh my gosh, this sucks...I'm broke, I haven't taken a shower in 3 days, and I only sleep for 3 hours at a time.

25. 2006 Jenna becomes a lot of fun and not so hard to help - TONS OF MEMORIES HERE...I don't even know where to start...
26. Summer of 2007 I did a fair amount of horse showing and trailriding.
27. July 16 2008 Matthew was born and has been kicking my butt ever since. Having 2 kids is more difficult in every way.


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