English 10-Lord of the Flies Name: _____________________________

Study Guide 5


1. What is Ralph realizing in necessary in order to be a leader?




2. What rules have been ignored? List at least 3.




3. What does it mean when Ralph refers to the littluns as "taken short"? What does that mean? What does the show about their behavior?





4. What rules does Ralph make regarding fires?





5. A littlun says he sees something moving in the jungle at night. Who/what is it?





6. How does Jack explain the beast?





7. Why are rules important to Ralph? Hint: The answer is something Ralph says.




8. Be sure to answer all parts of this question: What does Simon mean when he says, "What I mean is&ldots;maybe it's only us&ldots;We could be sort of&ldots;" Be sure to read the next line in the book. What do you think "Mankind's essential illness" is? Why does he ask "What is the dirtiest thing there is?"





9. Why doesn't Ralph blow the conch when the meeting dissolves into chaos?




10. At the end of the chapter what does Ralph wish for?