English 10-Lord of the Flies Name: _____________________________

Study Guide 3 and 4


Chapter 3

1. What is Jack preoccupied with?




2. What complaints does Ralph have? What has he noticed about people?




3. How are the littluns?




4. Explain the love-hate relationship between Jack and Ralph.\




5. Where had Simon gone and what does he do there?




6. What might Simon represent?



Chapter 4

7. What strange things happen at mid-day?




8. How did the littluns spend their day?




9. In what ways does Roger seem cruel?




10. What is Henry doing while Roger watches him?




11. What does it mean when Roger felt the "taboo of the old life?" Also, what does it mean when Jack approached Roger "a darker shadow crept beneath&ldots;[Roger's] skin." What effect is Jack having on Roger?




12. Describe the transformation that takes place after Jack paints his face. The mask serves a few purposes. List them.






13. What does Ralph discover that upsets him greatly?






14. What do the hunters chant?






15. How does Jack's attack on Piggy and the breaking of one of the lenses in his spectacles symbolize the degeneration of the group?






16. Who finds Piggy's spectacles for him?