Lord of the Flies By William Golding

I have not taught this novel in 5 years, but I thought I'd share what I do have.

Big Ideas

Evil vs. Good Study Guide (pdf)

Author Study

Study Guides

Character Study Guide


Useful Links

The Trial of the Year!

Island Maps: 4th hour, 5th hour, 7th hour

Castaway Comparision with Ch. 1 & 2

I just saw Madagascar with my daughter this weekend. About 42 minutes into the movie, there's a scene that would work with this novel. It's the part where Alex and Marty divide the island into two parts. It's short and a weak connect, but it's something! :)

If you have any questions, email me at jbrogley@seymour.k12.wi.us  

Music clip from the movie, "The Ghost and the Darkness"


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