Chapter 11 The Breaking of the Conch

Modified BioPoem
Example from Old Man and the Sea

In Dreamweaver make a new page and save that page in your Englishwebsite as "lotf11." Today you're analyzing tension from one character's point of view. Choose one character from the chapter and write the following non-rhyming form poem. Do not type "line 1:" on the page.

Line 1: Your character's first name.
Line 2: Who is...(Descriptive words that describe him)
Line 3: Who loves...(three ideas or preople)
Line 4: Who feels...(three ideas )

Line 5: Choose a powerful quote from that person.
Line 6: Who needs...(thre ideas)
Line 7: Who gives...(three ideas)

Line 8: Choose a powerful quote from that person.
Line 9: Who fears...(three ideas)
Line 10: Who would like to see...
Line 11: Who shares...
Line 12: Who is...

Line 13: Choose a powerful quote from that person.
Line 14: Who is a resident of...
Line 15: his last name (if you don't know it, then do this: their first name, the ____ (describe them in 3 or less words).

How you're graded:

  1. Quote selection (choose quotes that are powerful, emotional, indicate something important about the character or theme.)
  2. Completing each line as required
  3. Spelling
  4. Design -- be creative! :)


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