Lord of the Flies Chapters 1 and 2 Cast Away/
Plane Crash Comparision

  1. What emotions does one feel when watching this part?
  2. How would this scene be different for the boys in the book?
  3. How is the island physically like and unlike the island in the book?
  4. Like









  5. What does he do that is similar to the decisions in the book? (just list them in bullets)
  6. How does his imagination play tricks on him? what is this like in the book?
  7. What was at least one learning experience the man went through by now? What process did he go through?
  8. What decisions did the man have to do to survive?
  9. Why did he create Wilson? Why is / isn’t it weird that he talks to the ball? Do you sympathize with him? Why?
  10. How was his fire starting experience different than in the book?
  11. How was his celebration like or not like the celebration in the book?


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