Lord of the Flies: The Aftermath

Adapted From Sara A. Reinke, Youth Services Center; St. Anthony, Idaho (http://www.col-ed.org/cur/lang/lang93.txt)

PURPOSE: Students will have an opportunity to explore implications of the role of the individual in society--decisions/actions within a community.

OBJECTIVES: Students will create the script for an Oprah/Donahue type interview. The subject on the show would be to talk to the survivors about their experience. There would also be experts on the show of various kinds.

ACTIVITIES/PROCEDURES: In groups of 2you are to create your own talk show. There needs to be the following people on your panel. You are to come up with the conversation and emotion.

A Website that Might Help You: Effects of Emotional Trauma on Children

How You're Being Graded:

A Good Suggestion:

An Easy Way to Earn Extra Credit:

Find volunteers to act out your talk show with you in front of the class. The class will be the talk show audience. You and the volunteers would earn extra points. The more it appears you worked on the performance, the more extra credit you would earn.



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